Price: 0,15 USD/1cm2 including cutting, grinding and polishing
How do we process the agates (since finding until the polishing)

Finding and cleaning
Seeds should be washed with a brush under running water. Then choose suitable candidates for cutting.

Cutting is usually done with a saw with a diamond cutting blade (can be used for both charging and sintered), which is cooled with water. Saw can be made from ordinary "circular saw" but you need to select a suitable engine with the correct speed (approx. around 1300 rpm.). At higher speeds you need more cooling.
Grinding has several phases (from coarse to fine grinding) and performs at the horizontally rotating discs. Coarse abrasive stone align inequalityafter cutting.
Further stone grind increasingly finer abrasives until the maximum smoothness or PodlasieThis will prepare the stone for polishing.
Stones are polished by Cerox (can use other abrasives), which is applied to the spinning pad mixed with water. We polish until the stone is glazed according to our ideas.